General -  As at - March 2019


Breaking News - New Municipal values just announced. Values Increased by 25 %.

Check objection process:

Strand Municipal Office, Committee room. ( Cnr Fagan St. & Main Rd. Strand)

Between 07 Mar & 29 March 2019 . Time 09:00 - 16:00 hrs

Have your say - it is important! (can you afford not to?)

Scheme name

: Cape Sands - SS401 / 2006 - (Unit number)

*HOME Website rationalisation


  March 2019

          The website is continually evolving. New Web page Service Providers has been added. Found under Services.

1. The LOGIN now on this website will direct all to Whitfields/Cape Sands partition. Everyone to do with the Cape Sands complex has access to the Whitfields/Cape Sands domain. Your email address will categorise to which documents you have access rights to and to which you will be accordingly directed .

2.  All Documents and specific Notices will now be held by Whitfields and are to be found on their website. An approximate list can be found in the Home Library.

3. All Forms, Applications and registration forms will equally be held by Whitfields but can also be obtained from the Building Manager, the list of which is also on the Library. Certain forms considered important will still be found in our own Home Library.

4.  Conduct & Management rules will still be accessible from the Home Library.

5.  EUA EXCHANGE page (For Sale / Rent) - The private market place for EUAs to be bought or sold amongst the Owners themselves. To be added to the "Wish list" and obtain the Password for access - contact
the Building Manager, Trustees and the WM. See >Contacts.

FIBRE INSTALLATIONS / 24 Volt Battery Backup Systems

Now that Fibre is installed in all apartments, owners will be needing advice from certain Providers.

Certain owners have already successfully installed, and from this pool of experience certain Service Providers have shown expertise.

Under a new Tab Contacts > Service Providers
  information is now available to those wishing to research their choices. An extra Tab above is activated.