EUAs EXCHANGE - Explanation

EUA SALES - the Legal side

Reference to the Body Corporate Rules:

1.1.                      The law states that only an owner of a Section/Unit may be the owner of an Exclusive  
Use Area (EUA). A section is in Deed Registrar language an apartment. Therefore only an Owner of an  
apartment within the Cape Sands community may own an EUA.

According to the Sectional Titles Act 1986, Exclusive Use Areas (EUAs) as listed below may only be sold to holders 
(Owners) of Sectional Title within the Cape Sands Owner Community. Accordingly those EUAs that are on offer are  
shown on a protected web page. (when active interest exists).  

EUAs are Parking (garages and bays) and Store rooms. These are freely for sale within the Owner community and  
for transfer purposes have an UNTIED condition. (refer. Section 11 (3)(b) Sectional Plan No. SS401/2006  Cape  

Brokers or Real Estate agents are NOT encouraged for EUA sales as they falsely increase the market price for an  
enclosed buying community with an overt owner list and are therefore deemed unnecessary. Refer to the Conduct  
Rules on this subject.

                  That is precisely the reason why the Exchange Market part of the site exists.

By the Cape Sands Rules and Constitution, only owners are legally allowed to own Exclusive Use Areas (EUAs) within the complex.
This is a private market place which has been set up to enable EUAs to be bought or sold amongst the Owners themselves, where outside parties are not desired as this would invariably inflate prices for what is realistically a "captive" customer base.


For this reason, the actual access (Through the DOOR) to the  EUA Exchange page is for Cape Sands OWNERS ONLY and has therefore been Password protected.

EUAs are:-
1. Garages
2. Parking Bays - Internal on B1 and B2 levels
3. Store rooms

Owners wishing to have access and/or place their EUAs for Sale or Rent on the website should contact the Webmaster (WM), Building Manager or the Trustees. >Service Contacts.

This Password which will change occasionally. Those owners registered will be notified through their registered email of any change.