4. This will "arm" the mouse to "Fill & Sign" mode.

5. With the Mouse, Click on the line / block in the form and a text block will appear at the correct place.
      (see Image A).

6. Other text modes are available, which are self explanatory.

7. Don't forget to click < FILE >  &  < Save AS >. (See Image B).
Completing forms in a .pdf format is best done using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  The benefit being that the formatting of the original document will be maintained, as form filling in a .docx document can induce  " format slippage" .

The links will direct you to the current Adobe website for the latest version, which you can then install.

1. Download the form required from the Home Library.

2. On any selected                .pdf file,  < RIGHT CLICK >  and SCROLL down to <  Open With > and Mouse
> to the list of installed programs and < Click > on Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  This will open the selected form in Adobe Reader DC.

3. Top Left Corner Click < TOOLS>  and Click on < Fill & Sign > icon.
Get Adobe Reader DC
Image A
Image B