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Rothschild Giraffe with calf "Thanda"  by GEORGEAN LOCHHEAD
Cape Sands support local Artists and specially designed a space for local artists to display their work. Anybody interested can contact Josene Groenewald to apply for an exhibition at the end of each year to be displayed for 12 months.
Josene Groenewald.  Cell: 082 465 7189
This piece entitled - A Rothschild giraffe with the calf “Thanda” (Xhosa for “love”), has been produced in bronze to highlight the plight of giraffes throughout the continent of Africa. Named after Walter Rothschild, this sub species, also known as the Uganda giraffe or the Baringo giraffe after Lake Baringo in Kenya, only 1670 remain in the wild. Many of these are in Kenya where the government provide a protected environment in which scientists are working to increase the gene pool.
A distinguishing feature of the Rothschild, although harder to spot, is the number of ossicones, horn-like growths, on the head. It is the only giraffe with five ossicones - two are larger, on top of the head and common to all giraffes, a third can be seen at the centre of the forehead and two small ones are sited behind the ears.
They are also taller with many populations reaching 5.88 m in height.

Georgean Lochhead (née Broembsen), a local artist, resident in Cape Sands, was born in Zambia attaining an International Diploma in Graphic Art at Cape Town Technical College.
As well as sculpting in clay, she works in many other media namely oils, watercolour and pastels of seascapes and  landscapes, with a fascination of capturing movement in life of animals and birds currently endangered.
Contact: +27 (0)76 769 7655
The bronze work was carried out by the skilled technicians at Deetlefs Ateliers Foundry in Gordons Bay.
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