Snags or Damage
Please ensure that you park in the correct and allocated parking space(s) as arranged per Lease Agreement with your respective Landlord. These spaces are the private property of the particular Owner and are not part of the Body Corporate communal property. In the act of wrong parking, one is in effect trespassing.
General - 15 December 2020
Renovation noise has been the cause of several complaints. Please adhere to the Conduct Rules with special attention to the permitted hours of work operation that is specified. These time brackets were made with the express purpose of minimising the noise nuisance to the othjer residents.
If you perceive nuisances within the complex please contact one of the trustees or the Building Manager either by email (preferably) or by telephone. See trustees or Service Contacts pages.
If a tenant sees a snag or anything in the Public areas that are damaged/not working or need repair, you should report this either to your Landlord or for a quicker response please inform the Building Manager whom you can contact via his Service Contact page either by Cell or by the email link.
Complaints - PARKING
All Notices in expanded form can be found on the Whitfields website/Cape Sands - go to the above Whitfields  LOGIN