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Status - December 2020
Conduct & Management Rules  and other certain documents deemed important, and are in constant use, will always be available from this Home website. Should Owners and Residents wish additional documents be added to this list, then please contact either the Trustees, the BM or the WM.
WHITFIELDS (Cape Sands section) - CAPE SANDS LIBRARY as @ 26 October 2017

The following list of CAPE SANDS documents can be found on the Cape Sands part of the Whitfields site (link above)  and are to be downloaded from that source. The List serves only as a guide, to give an idea what type of documents are stored with the Agents.

The list below is not complete as documents will be added as and when circulated after publishing.
For all other Documents, Applications and Notices, these are now under the caretaking administration of Whitfields in the Cape Sands section - see link below:
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