Welcome; you are encouraged to read the Notice Board in the Elevators and the BC Communications (under Body Corporate News) at regular intervals during your stay. Important information is displayed and often announcements concerning security will pertain to ALL. This will also integrate you better into the Cape Sands community.
The consequences if you do not, will be that your Chips and Remotes will be cancelled, thereby denying you access to the building.
This is for Tenant Identification and all residents' security.
We, in Cape Sands, take our security seriously. It enhances the quality of life in our community and goes a long way towards enhancing our enjoyment and increases everyone's peace of mind.

It is therefore important that all Tenants and unaccompanied Owners' Guests register with the Building Manager (see Service Contacts) as soon as possible on moving in. This prevents unwanted interlopers and intruders.

Contact WHITFIELDS by logging in to obtain all relevant forms and observe all registration protocols.

Although it is the responsibility of the Owner to register you with the Building ManagerĀ (BM) - if he/she has not done so, then please ensure that either you or  the Letting Agent (if used) have completed the Tenant Information Form (TIF) to be found in the General  Documents Tab with Whitfields, and hand this form to the BM, ASAP after your moving in.
News  - 15 December 2020
Integration - Notice Board and BC Communications
Registration - Security